Scotsmanless scarf
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		Scotsmanless scarf
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Scotsmanless scarf

Founded in 1817, The Scotsman is a Scottish daily newspaper published in Edinburgh. The Scotsman title masthead, with iconic thistle design was an integral feature of the cover. In 2014 The Scotsman downsized to premises outwith the city centre to make way for the new tenants, computer games company, Rockstar North makers of Grand Theft Auto, illustrating the changing nature of the media

On September 18th 2014 Scotland’s citizens were invited to take part in a referendum on Scottish Independence, initiated by the Scottish Government and agreed by the UK Government as part of the Scottish Independence Referendum bill, passed in 2013. In response to the question, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” 55% voted “No” and 45% voted “Yes”. The Scotsman newspaper did not support the “YES” vote.

“The masthead of The Scotsman newspaper, now itself a symbol of a badly declining industry, is translated into a football scarf, crafted in the finest Scottish lambswool; its empty centre a swansong for a symbol of Scottish intellect, politics and pride.” Linsey Young, IOTII publication.

Through textiles Atelier E.B asks the question who and what is Scotland now. Is it time to re-invent our country?

IOTII collection, 2015

Price: £80.00 + P&P

Size: 30 x 150cm

Material: 100% Lambswool

Colour: Grey and black

Photo credits: Begg&Co, Rob Smith