Atelier E.B digital app

Cleo’s is Atelier E.B’s digital display window and social app for customers. It is not-for-profit, independent and complies with GDPR guidelines. It is a:

1. Social Space
We know that Atelier E.B customers are always organising interesting projects that we’d like to go to. For this, Cleo’s is a tool for connecting people in the physical world. Tell us about your event (exhibition, concert, reading, meeting or whatever it is), when and where it’s happening, and Cleo’s will get the word out to the rest of our customers and collaborators.

2. Intimate Space
Our clothes are tools for both ‘being’ and ‘representing’. We invite you to share with us photos of Atelier E.B garments that are part of your favourite outfits, either for work or leisure. We would love to see how you use and adapt them for your life, and the pleasure they can bring. Feedback on our designs is always appreciated.

3. Experimental Space
For Atelier E.B, fashion is a pretext for everything else. We share our creative processes, and, via the app, you can access up-to-date information on showrooms, exhibitions, and other events. We will also share news on projects by our collaborators.

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